amazing24 is not a recruiting company, we are not hiring people, and all the services in this website are free we never ask for money, stay focus. Our main vision and mission is to see students and learners achieving their goals. In this websites, we are helping students and Learners, for investing in Careers. We are giving tips and guidance to people about education related matters. In this website, we post latest vacancies such as BURSARIES (SCHOLARSHIPS), JOBS, LEARNERSHIPS, APPRENTICESHIPS, INTERNSHIPS, P1 AND P2 (EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING/ IN-SERVICE TRAINING). All vacancies posted in this website are been collected from different sources such as Websites, Newspapers, Magazines, E-MAILs, Noticeboards, and other sources.

What is Motivating and Encouraging our website?

As a former learner I had missed lot of the opportunities, some of them I am able to recover them right now and some are not easy to recover. In tertiary level, I have missed some opportunities, some of them I have recovered them already but some I am recovering them, but they are the other ones that there is no way I can recover them. All the challenges I had experience in High school and Tertiary had inspired me, in this website I guide both students and learners about those challenges they can expect. I do not want learners and students to experience the same challenges I went through.

We help people from

1. Africa and the Whole World

We help Africans to find

1. Bursaries/Scholarships
2. Learnerships
3. P1 and P2/ In-service training
4. Apprenticeships
5. Internships

amazing24 website was motivated by the best moments we had in the University. My friends and my former class-made are involved in the creation of this website, we had fun and encouraged each other day by da. Most of the pictures I have used in this website are real and I have collected them, from my class made, they are some of the pics we took in the UNIVERSITY, most of them are memories to my former class- made. In this website, I want to encourage and guide other students about life at the tertiary level. In our language, we say, 'ke ga mma ga mpone' meaning 'my mom is not seeing me'. This website is willing to help students and learners in achieving their goals.

We were also encouraged by scammers; they are giving our graduate false hope. They are putting false opportunities on the internet, this give our desperate jobs seekers false hope. In this website we posts real opportunity collected from different sources. We are willing to help as many students as possible; we want to build better Africa. By doing this, we are fighting Unemployment.For any suspicious posts in this website please report them to HERE

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