How To Develop our Nation?

Develop the heal divisions of the future and establish a population society based on social media values ,social justice and human rights. Lay the foundation for a social media and open new opportunities in which government is based on the will of the people and overy citizen is in food security protected by law

Build a better future opportunities and free the potential of each person build a United and democratic technologies able to take its rightful place as a state in the family of nation

In order to give effect to a right world,apply or if neccessary develop the common future to extent that common future.each person is free to make better future choices,in which includes the right developing common future to form a developed countries to participate in the activities mining such as agriculture and to campain for a social media cause

it does not limit your demand,you can apply more.applying online you may use of such as computers,cellphones e.t.c , even as you are not the owner,you still have a chance to use not bridge any information they use it does not mean you can provide with the own side information that you had,also use the others information but media are most things that had value, and it can be highly possible to last forever or unless the creter/owner use different types of it help to indicate the manual clear understantable

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