Strange language's at work

To communicate with someone with the other language's is very important ,if you ignore the strange language is very bad, how I you going to work with someone who can't even at least trying his language, that it will cause weak performance at work, you have at least try to learn Even how far you can catch but try is the best,so that you will gain the confidence with you colleagues

Expand your skills and knowledge

To expand you skills and knowledge it can help to improve you skills ,by doing yourself practically, where you can start doing things such as volunteering to gain more and if you not try to improve you skill and knowledge you will always minimize your position, where it would end up.

Spread ideas to the community

Is where that you will start to gain hope by shearing you idea's with the ordinary people and let nothing to discouraged you project, so it will show you a way forward and better vision

History of the working place

Start to think about what you want to do,make you research by experience what you want to do and think about the causes of the position ,also with the retrenched ,ask where your will be right to ask guestion and have responsible about what your doing ,with the good aim

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