Income you suspect

Before you can start working you have to know about your salary and have an agreement or disagreement ,so if you start working without negotiations you can have Sara's problem

Working place environment

Make sure of that you working under the signed the risk and you working with the safety, also working to the right place to work, to disagreement about something that it is not discuss before it is against law of nation

The part of properties that you like in working place

There is many people who love to work with their own way, but doing the right thing and you notice about your like or dislike while when you can start being working

Music with the earphones

Some they like to listen music, while when they are busy working and when you are working with the earphones make sure of that you working to the right place, where there is no disturbed like injuries... E.t.c and if there is no safety place to work with music following the Instructions then they would guide you to the safety then it would be no problem at all,to the things such as emergency

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