All Workers must be treated equally

Everyone has the right to fair labour practices.Each person has the right to make pure evidence by printing or copy and to translate in apurpose of receive in the official language or languages of their choice in public information where that information is reasonable practicable.they may not be denied between religious and the issue of application,it reffer to the terms and condition of the nationality

For the another external candidate had to wait another post to apply or he/she must re_check another opportunities to apply.if a candidate is resonable unfit and was absent from one or more extenal day untill valit date her/she may wait for another applications

The future it won't change to the past,only if we work hard and whorever we face and how hard difficuld it can be,less just face it by developing day by day by each second in our life

Spent your time wisely and do not under pressure with your needs,welcome your company as regular by sharing your ideas and be open to every not let negative effect by controlling,try to discuss it and came_up with the better solutions.Any opportunities lead your to the life changing not think about your_self working,just think about as your are the boss,which everyone will ask advisor from him.try to live the life,that your used to,which changing less but brings more things

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