How to build better relationship with your co-workers Most of the time we spent 70 percent of it we spent it at work, so it will be nice to under atmosphere of good relationship with your colleagues. Failing to have good relationship with your colleagues can make your work so difficult and you wont enjoy your work at all. Below I am showing you few tips that you can apply to build a better relationship with your colleagues.

1. Greetings

It is just a word but it is very important, most of the people find it difficult to be at work of because of not greeting or fear to greet. Why am I saying that, greeting makes people to be open or friendly to each other, I am conversation can be started easily. So if yo ave started greeting at work start doing so or else you wont enjoy being at work.

2. Communication

Start communication with your colleagues, If you don,t understand something ask your colleagues by doing so you are boosting your relationship with them.

3. Respect

When you are talking or working with people show some respect, before talking analyse what you want say, because they words that not good and you cannot use them with colleagues, for example strong words but failing you can ruin your relationship with your colleagues, not that alone because companies have rules failing to obey those rules you can be expelled from work.

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